Behavioral Labs

Each behavioural Lab is conducted for a duration of one day. Behavioural labs are open to all participants who have completed primary REBT workshop. These labs advocate active assignments which help participants to change their self-defeating thoughts, emotions and behavior. They are designed to help participants identify their irrational beliefs and provide them with experiences which run counter to their present irrational behavioural system. Lab assignments make them act against their irrational beliefs and help them to learn and practice new skills that can be put to use in real-world situations.

Shame - Attacking Lab: Shame is an essence of many people's disturbances. These people are 'afraid' to do many things because they believe that they must succeed and that it would be utterly 'shameful' if they didn't and because they would then view themselves as rotten individuals.

In Shame-Attacking Lab, participants learn to challenge their dire need of approval of others. Participants are assigned to do some 'shameful' things and make a real attempt to do them without feeling ashamed and to regard them as adventures.

Unconditional Acceptance Lab:Emotional disturbance occurs when a person makes a global evaluation of his/her total self, which in turn tends to be based on the existence of irrational beliefs. REBT states that the healthy alternative to emotional disturbance is rooted in a set of beliefs based on the concept of unconditional acceptance.

In Unconditional Acceptance Lab, participants are taught to discriminate between their behavior and their worth as a human being. They can thereby apply the principle of learning to rate their behaviours, not themselves.

Rational Emotive Imagery Lab: One of the best emotive-evocative technique used in REBT is- Rational Emotive Imagery. This technique helps a person get fully in touch with his/her feelings and truly experience them. It makes him/her change the dysfunctional philosophies that accompany these feelings.

In Rational Emotive Imagery Lab, participants are given practice at changing their unhealthy emotions to healthy ones by indulging in painting vivid images of the event and to change their self-defeating emotions by changing their underlying beliefs.

REBT Experiential: Experiential Learning involves learning from hands on experience. It is a process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. It provides learning through reflection.

REBT Experiential provides experiential activities which bring to life key concepts of REBT. Through refection and observation, participants experience these concepts physically and emotionally.

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