Dr Anjali Joshi

Is a practicing counselling psychologist and working as "Associate Professor " in Human Resources Department of renowned Management Institute in Mumbai. She has a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology from Mumbai University. She has earned M.Phil and Ph.D degrees from SNDT Women's university. She has well over 20 years experience in the field of education.

She is on Editorial and Advisory Board of a reputed international journal which pubblishes 8 peer-reviewed Internationl journals quartery and monthly. She gives honorary services as a "Consulting Psychologist " to many institutions. She has delivered several lectures and conducted workshops in renowned organizations. She also conducts personal and group counselling programs, employee training programs and weekend workshops.

Her Awards:

She was awarded the "Young Doctoral Fellowship" by Indian Institute of Social Science Research (ICSSR), Delhi, for her doctoral work. ICSSR selects nearly 20 scholars of social science from all over the country. She was the only research scholar of psychology who was selected from India in the year 2006. She is a recipient of many awards such as "Best Academic Performance Awards, Best Mentors Awards,Outstanding Achievement Award "

Her REBT Holistic Programs:

She has been studying REBT under the guidance of Kishor Phadke after completing primary and advanced courses of REBT of the Phadke Centre. Suffice it to say that Kishor Phadke is the first and only Indian who enjoys the unique distinction of being a Fellow & Supervisor of Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA. He has made some original contributions to the theory & practice of REBT which are acknowledged by Dr. Albert Ellis himself.

Her Books:

She is the author of a Marathi autobiographical novel "Mee Albert Ellis" which reveals the entire life story of Dr. Albert Ellis in a forthright and yet sensitive way.Her another book "Viveki Palakatv" is a resource of parental guidance based on REBT. She has coauthored a book titled "Albert Ellis: Vichardarshan" with Kishor Phadke which is a complete REBT Manual covers everything from invention to therapeutic techniques. Her another novel "Virangi Mi! Vimukta Mi!" is inspired by the life and work of American Artist and feminist who speaks candidly about women sexuality.

She has written numerous articles in popular magazines as well as in professional national and international journals.

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