REBT Holistic :

"REBT-Holistic" is an umbrella of wide range of multiple programmes which help you to change your self-defeating thoughts, emotions and behavior. These programmes give education for life. They are designed to help you accelerate self-management. They show you how you can strive to achieve your goals and teach how to enhance your happiness at work and at home and in social life. In a nutshell, experiencing 'REBT-Holistic' will be a significant turning point in your life.

REBT Model: REBT-Holistic is based on the concepts of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) formulated by the eminent American psychologist, Dr. Albert Ellis. REBT trains people to get rid of unhealthy attitudes and to improve their efficiency and productivity.

REBT-Holistic Programmes:


 Primary REBT Workshop            Advanced REBT Workshop            Ongoing Practice Sessions

2.Behavioral Labs:

 Shame-Attacking Lab                         Unconditional Acceptance Lab     

  Rational Emotive Imagery Lab                 REBT Experiential


Eligibility:These programmes are designed for people from all walks of life. No specific educational qualification is required for attending these programmes. People who are keen in self-development and professionals who wish to strengthen their training skills can attend these programmes.

Enrollment: Those who wish to enroll for any of the REBT-Holistic programmes, kindly contact : Dr. Anjali Joshi- 9820437851/

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